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Julio 2018

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Resveratrol 2017, Newsletter #2

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Resveratrol 2017, Newsletter #2

Mensaje por Administrador el Dom Jul 30, 2017 7:46 pm

Resveratrol2017, Newsletter #2
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Resveratrol2017 in Mendoza, Argentina,
Please save the dates – October 12th - 13th 2017!

2nd newsletter updating you about the Resveratrol2017, Regional resveratrol meeting in Mendoza, Argentina

The next regional resveratrol meeting Resveratrol2017 will take place in Mendoza, Argentina. This will be the first resveratrol meeting in South America.
Updated Program
The program is found on the meeting homepage:http://www.resveratrol2017.com.ar/wordpress/programa/.
The regional resveratrol meeting will focus on a broad spectrum of scientific subjects in the field of resveratrol.
The keynote lecture will be given by Professor Marina K. Holz (Yeshiva University, New York, USA) and her presentation will focus on how resveratrol is modulating different cellular cascades in the cell. It is very central effect of resveratrol in relation to its health effect.
More details on the various presentations will be given in the coming newsletters.
There are space in the program for few short oral presentations. These will be selected based on submitted abstracts (see below).
Please consult the official meeting homepage for Resveratrol2017:http://www.resveratrol2017.com.ar/wordpress. Here, you may get information on

  • Organizers
  • Program
  • Registration
  • Submission of abstracts
  • Venue
  • Transportation and accommodation
  • Sponsor

LinkedIn Group 
On https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13512272 you may find a Resveratrol2017 LinkedIn group, where we also will give the info when they arrive. Join us!
Submission of abstracts
August 12th is the deadline for submission of abstracts for short oral presentations (there are space for four short oral presentations in the program) and for posters.
The organizers encourage all scientists working in the resveratrol field to submit an abstract and present their data at Resveratrol2017. Please use the form found onhttp://www.resveratrol2017.com.ar/wordpress/presentacion-de-trabajos-posters/.
Early bird registration (150 USD) is ending on August 12th – please use the form found onhttp://www.resveratrol2017.com.ar/wordpress/registrarse/. Send the filled form toregistrarse@resveratrol2017.com.ar.
After August 12th, the registration fee is 300 USD.
So, please register as soon as possible.
Resveratrol2017 will take place at Universidad del Aconcagua, Mendoza, Argentina (University of Aconcagua) www.uda.edu.ar/.
There are several possibilities for accommodation in Mendoza during the meeting.
The international speakers will use Hotel Premium Tower, 6 blocks from the University of Aconcagua.
Hotel Premium Tower: http://www.premiumtowersuites.com/mendoza
Resveratrol2017 is organized non-profit and the meeting is only possible by the support of our sponsors. Potential sponsors may contact Sami Sassi ([email=sami.sassi@cilnorth.com?subject=Resveratrol2017%20-%20Sponsorship]sami.sassi@cilnorth.com[/email]).
Presentation of sponsors for Resveratrol2017
About MegaResveratrol

MegaResveratrol.com was a pioneer in introducing high potency resveratrol products in 2007 and setting the standards of voluntary third party independent lab testing for purity and safety. 
Mega Resveratrol 99, is a pharmaceutical-grade, purified to a minimum of 99% pure trans-resveratrol and micronized for optimal absorption and bio-availability.  Our products are 100% natural and vegetarian.  Our capsules and powders contain no excipients (fillers, binders, additives, flaw-agent or preservatives, a.k.a "inactive-ingredients") and each batch is tested for purity by an independent U.S. laboratory.
Our products are manufactured in the USA, in a certified GMP facility, regulated by the FDA.  Our prices are economically structured and our customers benefit from high quality products at an affordable price.
Mega Resveratrol is a proud supplier of resveratrol products to various research clinics and institutes in USA and abroad.
On behalf of the Scientific and the Organizing Committees,

Ole Vang, Associate Professor,
Roskilde University, Denmark
E-mail: ov@ruc.dk 

Raul F. Pastor, Professor
Universidad de Buenos Aires y Universidad del Aconcagua,
Mendoza, Argentina
E-mail: raulfranciscopastor@hotmail.com

Alicia Penissi Professor
Universidad del Aconcagua
E-mail: [url=institutoinvestigacionesuda@gmail.com]institutoinvestigacionesuda@gmail.com[/url]




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